Leah Cohen Chatinover

General Counsel

AAC, Inc

Professional Overview:

Leah Cohen Chatinover joined AAC as General Counsel after spending 35-years serving as a legal advisor for business and nonprofit clients at every stage of the legal process. She worked for three Hartford-based law firms and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation where she provided legal advice on a wide-range of issues including, operations, intellectual property, financing, and key employee matters.  Analytical by nature, Leah has a knack for helping her colleagues and clients grasp complex issues in understandable terms. Leah is a graduate of Yale Law School and Barnard College.

Why AAC?

I was thrilled to join AAC because at AAC I can apply what I’ve always done in private practice on a deeper level.  I get a lot of satisfaction from developing an understanding of a company’s financial objectives and operational goals and applying creative thinking to devise the best legal solutions to meet those goals.  At AAC, I can delve into learning about one company in a more meaningful way and be part of a team where everyone is working toward the same goals, all without the constraints of a relationship limited by billable hours. And, at AAC, I love being part of a team that works and laughs together with equal enthusiasm.

Worth Noting:

Leah lives in West Hartford, CT, with her husband, Steve.  They have 3 grown sons and one grandchild.  When not working Leah enjoys playing with her grandson (Legos and Playdough), relearning to play the guitar, going to the gym, and making (as of yet unfulfilled) plans to get a dog.