Jeff DiGregorio

Senior Consultant


AAC, Inc

Professional Overview:

Jeff’s 20+ years of project and program management experience originated in the commercial architecture and engineering industry and developed further in the area of commercial and municipal environmental sustainability consulting. His experience is augmented by his political appointment as chairperson of a large municipal tax increment bond financing program. Initial project plan development, RFP development and procurement process management, contractor/subcontractor management, and public financial reporting are all among Jeff’s skill set. His experience with high-level management of complex, long-term projects is greatly enhanced by his capabilities relative to the myriad micro-level tasks common to most projects including data collection, design, validation, conversion and analysis.


Jeff received his B.A. in Urban Planning from Arizona State University, and remained at ASU for graduate study in Public Administration.

Employers that contributed to Jeff’s consulting experience include Cascadia Consulting Group, Transfield Services, the Louis Berger Group, Leo A Daly Architecture/Planning, and the Architectural Resource Team, Inc.

Why AAC?

“For me, it all comes down to people and puzzles. Whether I’m conducting training or developing custom solutions, I truly enjoy working with my clients around the world. Every implementation is unique, as are the challenges and opportunities that present themselves, and each is like a puzzle to me. It is so energizing for me to work to solve these puzzles to make my clients’ daily tasks easier and more automated.”

Ask Jeff About:

  • Bill Format Design and Development
  • Data Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Module Implementation
  • Data Validation

Worth Noting:

Three of my favorite things in this world are travel, food, and photography. Whether traveling to a new place in my own region or traveling across the globe, getting to know the local culture, including food culture, is such a point of fascination and excitement for me, and documenting my experiences through photography allows to me to preserve those memories for myself and my family, and to share with others.