Drago Sabolic

Senior Consultant

Email: dsabolic@aac-us.com

AAC, Inc

Professional Overview:

Drago had a successful career as a consultant for a major vendor since 1999 and independently since 2008. Prior to joining AAC, he has worked on over 100 firms on major financial systems. The client base includes a number of international firms with offices worldwide; he was a key part of many implementations in US and Europe.

Why AAC?

“I love being part of this team, where I have colleagues with same (rather high) standards of work.”

Ask Drago About:

  • General Ledger and Financial Statements
  • General Ledger Transactions & Setup
  • Business Process Review/Re-engineering
  • Growth Management: Adding offices, departments, etc.
  • Post Conversion Support
  • Multi Book Configuration and Implementation
  • Multi-Currency Configuration and Implementation
  • Data Validation and data mapping
  • System balancing

Worth Noting:

Drago’s top 3 Bucket List items are:

  1. Take a long trip to Japan.
  2. Live by the ocean.
  3. Start a vegetable garden (no green fingers sadly so, this may stay just a dream).