Temporary Staffing Services

Do you have temporary staffing needs in your accounting or accounting systems department? We’d be happy to assist and provide services, on a part-time or full-time basis, to fill those temporary needs. Tap us on the shoulder when a need arises for help with:

  • Accounting positions
  • Technical positions
  • Project specific positions

Accounting Services

Our Consultants are professionals who bring high levels of expertise with the goal of improving your accounting practices. They are experienced in carrying-out all kinds of accounting functions. Many of them are Certified Public Accountants and each understands that your main objectives include increasing efficiency and maintaining accuracy, and will work with you to find the best solutions for your business. AAC’s goal is to build and maintain a long-term business relationship by expertly assisting with all of your accounting and business consulting needs.

 Chart of Account Design and Set-up

The General Ledger Chart of Accounts is the backbone of any financial system. It is the basis from which analysis and reports are developed. We will consult with you to help guide you through the process of creating your initial General Ledger Chart of Accounts. We can then assist you with the actual set-up of the Chart of Accounts in the system.

Chart of Account Re-design and Update

Perhaps your General Ledger Chart of Accounts was created long ago when the firm was smaller and had fewer offices. Perhaps you inherited a Chart of Accounts from your predecessor, or their predecessor. Or, maybe it is just time for a change because the current Chart of Accounts is not allowing you the ability to robustly and usefully analyze data and transactions. Whatever the case, we can help you re-design your Chart of Accounts. For more complex updates or re-designs, we can also assist you with converting your data electronically.

Financial Statements and Reports

Our consultants are extremely well versed in reporting needs for busy accounting departments. We can help you create financial statements and other financial reports. We can assist with determining reporting needs, developing report specifications, and overall report development, report testing and deployment of new reports.

Monthly Detail Analytical Reports

You may know that AAC can develop all of your internal reports, but we can also assist you with determining the best analytical reports to provide important information to specific audiences. Our tremendous experience in this area will give your firm insight into best practices implemented in the industry.

Month-end and Year-end Assistance

Need an extra hand to assist with month end or year-end processing? We are very skilled in these areas and can assist at whatever levels you need.

Month-end Reconciliation of Subledger to General Ledger Balances

Month-end reconciliation of subledger information with the General Ledger sometimes gets ignored. The task of reconciling these items, once they’ve been let go for a while can be daunting and labor intensive. We can assist you in making make this otherwise overwhelming task manageable.

Assistance with 1099 Processing

We are experts with 1099 processing and keep abreast of the ever-changing requirements.

WIP and AR tracking

Everyone knows the need to prepare WIP and AR reports on a monthly basis, and the overall critical importance of these numbers. But, does everyone know how to make sense of them, and how to properly track and analyze WIP and AR? AAC can help you better understand and track WIP and AR in your firm. Good practices in this area have a direct and positive impact on the firm’s bottom line.

Fixed Asset Management

We have many years of experience setting-up systems for managing fixed assets within the firm. We can help you develop and implement new procedures to make this otherwise difficult task much more manageable.

Budget Development and Analysis

Having many CPAs in our group, we offer a wealth of experience in developing budgets for firms. We can participate with developing your budget, as well as with developing procedures for managing input into the budget from firm management and departments. We are extremely adept at helping you analyze budget information and to gain a detailed understanding of the management information most important to the firm’s executive committee.

Collections Process, Procedure and Review

Whether or not you currently have a collections process in place, we can help you review and refine your current process, or to create a new and more robust one.

Cash management (Bank Reconciliations, Lockbox Processing, Check/EFT Generation, Deposit Account Procedures and Reconciliations)

There are many types of cash accounts that firms use on a daily basis. Often times, as new types are needed, procedures for managing those accounts come together out of necessity, and without much thought to the greater process. AAC can assist you with developing appropriate procedures for monitoring, processing and reconciling all types of cash management activities.

Technical Consulting

In order for software and the people and processes on which it depends to work most efficiently, it must be properly installed and configured on a hardware platform appropriately suited for your business. AAC can help you get the most from your investment in both hardware and software by working with you and your software providers to ensure that your systems are optimally configured. As your business grows, AAC can assist you with adjusting your financial systems so they are always ready and able to meet the needs of your evolving business.

Software Installation

  • Requirements and preparation consulting
  • Financial systems installation and configuration
  • SQL Server installation and configuration

Software Upgrades

  • Financial software upgrades and other upgrade related services
  • System software upgrades

Performance Reviews

  • System efficiency reviews
  • System health checks

Data Manipulation/Cleansing
Data issues can occur as a result of many things, including prior conversions of legacy data, inconsistency of data entry due to staff changes over the years and many other factors. Sometimes, the needs of the firm have simply changed. Whatever the reason, AAC can help you make the necessary adjustments to your data so that it will evolve to meet your current needs. Some of the specific ways that we can help:

  • Correction of data entry errors
  • Updates to data elements to restructure historical data
  • Reinstatement of historical data based on current conditions and system setup
  • Cleansing of “messy” data
  • Changes to system data to meet current needs and requirements
  • Amendments to data in the database
  • Consolidation and reduction of duplicate addresses
  • Separation of city, state and zip code information from free-form address fields
  • Cleansing of names data
  • Imports of custom personnel/client/matter data

Hardware Migrations

Custom Development

Whether it is a custom report, inquiry or data automation project, AAC can provide assistance with the design and development of custom solutions to meet your specific needs. We can guide you throughout the development process, including needs assessment, specification development and the training and deployment of your custom development project.

Report Development

AAC develops custom reports across a wide variety of platforms. Using your specifications, we will help you design and implement a reporting solution that meets your firm’s specific needs. Whether it is the creation of a new custom report from scratch or the improvement and redesign of an existing report, AAC can help you get the information you need in the format that you want. Are you looking for ideas to help you create the perfect report? We’ll combine our experience with your business needs to design a custom package of reports including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Utilization Reports
  • Realization Reports
  • International Tax Reports

Inquiry Development

Do you need to present data in a more usable format? Whether it’s a traditional inquiry, browser inquiry or a package of inquiries to help you manage your business, AAC has the experience to design and develop the perfect solution.

Data Automation

Do you need to take information from a wide range of reports, compile it and present it clearly and simply? AAC can assist your firm in the design and development of solutions that eliminate manual work processes. Whether it relates to an interface, custom spreadsheet, data mining or other manual process, AAC can develop a solution that will meet your needs and make your work easier. Our experience in this area has saved our clients thousands of work hours each month. A few examples of the work we’ve done include:

  • Partner compensation reporting packages
  • Automated spreadsheets
  • Report consolidation
  • Custom stored procedures and SQL views
  • Custom programs to interface with outside processes

Custom Applications

We all encounter tasks in our daily work that we believe should be much easier to accomplish than they actually are. Our team of experts will work side-by-side with yours to develop ideas into functional programs with services that include:

  • Identification of custom application needs
  • Development of custom application specifications
  • Custom application development
  • Custom application testing plan
  • Custom application deployment and distribution plans

Document Template Development

Our consultants have worked with many firms to develop bill format templates and matter option solutions. Not only do we develop personalized custom formats, but we also convert and upgrade older formats that are dependent on obsolete versions of various word processing software products. We can help you with:

  • Bill formats
  • Prebill formats
  • Reminder statement formats
  • Matter-specific solutions –helping you determine the bill formatting options that should available for your users to meet your firm’s needs and your clients’ demands.

Training Services

Our Consultants offer professional training services, delivered in a variety of training formats, with the goal of maximizing the capabilities of your financial application system. Our professionals will work with your firm to determine the most effective approach to deliver a customized training solution.

  • Training Delivery Methods
  • Training Audiences
  • Training Services

Training Delivery Methods

We will adapt our training delivery to meet the needs of your users and your budget, providing training in the following formats:

  • On-site classroom style training
  • Remote training via Webex™ online meetings

Training Audiences

We can address the needs of different audiences at your firm, with a focus on the following types of training:

  • Accounting and IT end user training
  • Lawyer, secretary and other professional training
  • Management training
  • “Train the Trainer” training

Training Services

We can deliver training to meet both your implementation and post-implementation needs, including:

    • Implementation Training
      • Financial applications
      • Technical applications
      • Customization applications
      • Report writing
      • Invoice document assembly
      • eBilling
      • And other applications as needed
    • Refresher Training
      • End user refresher – to refresh and review on key features of software
      • Firm level refresher – to review non-utilized or advanced features not implemented at go live
  • Upgrade and New Features Training
  • New Hire Training
  • Customized Training Courses

We can also provide other application training support services, including:

  • Development of firm-specific training plans and programs
  • Development of custom training manuals and other documentation
  • Development of training exercises and activities for go live preparation
  • Assistance with testing activities
  • Post live support and assistance

Conversion Services

The proper planning, execution and validation of an electronic data conversion is critical to its success. AAC has experience with over one hundred data conversions and can provide value to our customers throughout every stage of the conversion process.

Data Mapping

Data mapping is the cornerstone of a successful conversion. AAC will develop and refine a data map that allows your firm to take full advantage of the features of your new system with a focus on:

  • Analysis of current data to maximize usefulness
  • Guidance on system setup code decisions
  • Review and refinement of code translations

Data Migration

Databases are complex and the process of moving and manipulating data can be complicated. AAC provides creative solutions for keeping this process under control, including:

  • Identification of migration requirements
  • Development of a detailed migration plan
  • Accurate translations into the proper data layouts

Data Cleaning

Data conversion is an excellent time to review your existing database. Over time, issues can arise due to prior conversions, inconsistency of data entry and many other factors. AAC can help you make adjustments to optimize your data during the data conversion process, ensuring the cleanest and most efficient database possible for your new system. Some of these adjustments might include:

  • Translation, elimination or consolidation of setup codes
  • Consolidation and reduction of duplicate addresses
  • Separation of city, state and zip/postal code information from free-form address fields
  • Cleansing of names data
  • Cleansing of inconsistent data

Validation and Reconciliation

The accuracy and quality of converted data is critical. AAC has the processes and tools to verify the results of your conversion, with a focus on:

  • Identification of incomplete data, whether by error or omission
  • Validation of converted data per data map guidelines
  • Verification of data integrity
  • Balance checks between database and legacy reports

Data Extraction

The source data for any conversion is an important component. The presentation of legacy data in a clear, usable format is critical to a successful conversion. AAC has performed many data extractions from a variety of sources and can provide the following:

  • Creation of data extraction layouts to/from a variety of sources
  • Cleansing of data extracts as necessary to ensure reliable data
  • Review of data extractions performed by other vendors

Business Consulting

Technology can be challenging and every firm has unique needs. AAC consultants are specialists and utilize their experience and best practices to deliver solutions that are the right fit for you.

System Selection

  • Functional requirements development
  • Management of product evaluation and demonstration process
  • RFP development
  • RFP response evaluation
  • Workflow analysis and process change recommendations

Financial System Implementation

  • Project planning and management
  • Data conversion
  • Report development
  • Inquiry development
  • Custom application development
  • System integration assistance
  • Training
  • Post-conversion support

Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Project budget analysis
  • Change management
  • Assistance with development and management of internal staff
  • Information collection, analysis, and evaluation
  • Development of business processes, policies & procedures
  • Product evaluation
  • Process review
  • Efficiency review


  • Project management
  • Data conversion and validation
  • Training
  • Change management
  • Process evaluation
  • Unification of disparate business processes, policies and procedures from multiple legacy organizations

Audits/Efficiency Reviews

  • Analysis of software utilization
  • Analysis of departmental processes
  • Efficiency change recommendations

Time and Billing Services

  • Time entry tracking and process improvements
  • Disbursement entry tracking and process improvements
  • Billing process improvements