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September Virtual Happy Hour
Topic: Database Administration for Aderant

Grab a beverage of choice and join us for a round table discussion on best practices for monitoring the processes that support integrations, summary tables, imaging, and more!

Wednesday, September 15th
5:00 - 6:00 pm EST

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Zoom Meeting ID: 883 0365 3073
Password: 055183

Service Spotlight


Electronic Payment Creation and Automation

Do you dream of the day when electronic payments are successfully in place and the painful manual processes you have been using are a thing of the past? We can make this dream a reality! Our development team can create domestic ACH, BACS (UK), or SEPA (Europe) payments and automate them on a variety of platforms. We even have extensive knowledge with bank specific formats, such as Wells Fargo Payment Manager.

Please contact Mike Easterling for more information.

Did You Know?

Data Migration

Databases are complex and the process of moving and manipulating data can be complicated. To assist with this issue, we have a team of data experts that provide proven and effective solutions for keeping this process under control, including identification of migration requirements, development of a detailed migration plan, and accurate translations into the proper database structure.

For more information, please contact Michael Miars.

What Module Is on Your Wish List?

There are lots of new Aderant modules available to help make day-to-day tasks easier to manage, such as Expert Rates, Expert Time, Expert Billing, Expert AP, and Expert GL. As budgeting season approaches, you may want to consider adding some or all of these new modules to your wish list. Our team can help you determine which ones will align most with your firm’s needs and can talk you through the time and fees involved in deploying the modules you want. We are here to ensure you have all the information you need to make your wishes come true!

Please reach out to Marybeth Celorier for more information.


Service Spotlight

Are your Accounts Receivables practices best practices?

Understanding and managing Accounts Receivables is a critical aspect of any business.

To ensure efficient billing and timely payments, you not only need effective, current software, you also need strategic processes and procedures that are implemented consistently. If this sounds like an area that you would like to improve, we have a team of experts that can assist with evaluating your current methods and make recommendations on how to improve this area for the future.

Please contact Marybeth Celorier for more information.

Data Import Assistance

Do you have data living outside of your accounting system, such as FTE numbers tracked in spreadsheets, that would be extremely helpful to use with your reports and dashboards? AAC can assist you with setting up tables within Aderant and building integrations to import this data so this type of pertinent information can be managed within the database and easily incorporated into your data distribution strategy.

Please reach out to Michael Miars for more information.

Dashboard Development

Having a dashboard that is customized to your unique needs allows you to effectively manage your tasks, applications, and data with ease. Our team of experts can pull together dashboard components to provide you and your team direct access to applications, alerts, action items, and inquiries that make daily tasks easier to accomplish.

For more information, please contact Mike Easterling.

July Virtual Happy Hour
Topic: Wonderous Workflows

Grab an ice-cold beverage and join us for a round table discussion on the different Aderant workflows available and their many benefits.

Wednesday, July 14th
5:00 - 6:00 pm EST

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Zoom Meeting ID: 997 9305 2682
Password: 225072


Consultants Joining the Event:
Jeff Olson, Mike Easterling, Frank
Alejano, Swen Nielsen and more

Service Spotlight

Tech Apps Training

SQL maintenance jobs, server roles, and best practices for keeping your Aderant system running smoothly are critical to preventing unplanned downtime. If you are unsure of the processes that should be in place, AAC can provide technical application training to you or to new folks on your team to ensure you know what should be on your radar.

Please contact Michael Miars for more information.

Financial System Operational Audit

If you are considering a financial system upgrade or you just need to address nagging pain points in billing and accounting processes (or perhaps you just don’t know what you don’t know), we have a team of knowledgeable consultants with years of experience here to help. Our Operational Efficiency Audits look at all facets of your operations – from procedures to people to paper to technology. Through interviews with key team members, observations, data review, and deep dives into the usage of your financial system, we will gather information and provide recommendations for measurable improvements along with strategies on how to implement them.

Please contact Marybeth Celorier for more information.

Did You Know?

Multi-System Integrations

When your financial system and added-on programs or applications do not flow seamlessly together, efficiency and productivity decrease. To assist with this issue, our team of experts integrates third-party data collection and processing tools with your financial system, so all your data is synchronized and can quickly and easily be put to use.
Please reach out to Mike Easterling for more information.

Patching a Patchwork of Patches

We get it. It seems there is always another new patch that needs to be applied to your system and because your firm waits a while between each one to ensure you are on the latest release, you can’t figure out how to successfully apply the patches that are now out. To assist with this common issue, we have a team that specializes in patch applications and would be happy to help you with this task. We will have your system up and running without a hitch.

Please reach out to Michael Miars for more information.

Prebill Markup Audit Report

To assist with tracking changes that occur during the paperless prebill markup process, our team of developers have enhanced the Prebill Markup Audit Report. This report captures all edits and notes performed on timecards and disbursements throughout the prebill and time entry process. It also provides a concise summary of the workflow and an up-to-date picture of the state of the matter that can be exported into a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML and Excel.

For more information, please contact Mike Easterling.

Which Rules Are the Best?

Rules are great until they aren’t. Expert Billing, Expert Collections, as well as many other applications have out-of-the-box rules that can be helpful while others are just a downright nuisance. If you and your team are not quite sure which out-of-the-box rules will be most effective, we have a team of experts that have seen these rules in practice and can help you determine which ones will work best for achieving your
firm’s goals.
For more information, please contact Marybeth Celorier.