Marybeth Celorier

Director of Implementation Services


AAC, Inc

Professional Overview:

Marybeth offers two decades of extraordinary success in a series of high-level roles at top tier organizations. Marybeth’s invaluable expertise and broad business range have powered a history of developing successful process improvements that drive productivity, reliability, and client satisfaction. Such traits have consistently enabled Marybeth to achieve an impressive command of the skills needed to manage ongoing business planning processes while developing strategies to meet future challenges.

In one of the organizations, Marybeth spearheaded the launch of the firm’s first FP&A group, capturing significant gains in reporting and bringing attention to the need for Legal Project Management within FP&A and the firm. Marybeth has dedicated herself and her vision as a leader who engages in projects with an “All-In” attitude.

Before joining AAC, Marybeth achieved over two decades of experience driving positive outcomes across Finance & Strategy Planning, Revenue and Profit Growth, Process Improvement, Mergers & Acquisitions, Best Practices, Operations Management, and Cash Management.

Combining her proven business instinct with an unprecedented disciplined work ethic, Marybeth has continuously exceeded expectations in high stake environments within each business positioning herself as a crucial member of each organization and a driving force for growth.


Marybeth holds a Master of Science Degree in Administrative Studies (With Honors) from Boston College as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management and History (Cum Laude) from Boston College.

Why AAC?

“My goals from the beginning were to work in organizations where I could be impactful and contribute to that organization’s success. I admired AAC from the outside as a client for many years, and now that I work here, I can unequivocally state that I am achieving my goals set a long time ago. I genuinely love my job as I am finally using my experience to help people every day, and you don’t get luckier than that!”

Ask Marybeth About:

  • Business Process Review/Re-engineering
  • Smartform Customization
  • Training (Expert Time, in-place Workflows, EAPro, Inquiries)
  • Black-out Planning
  • End-User Roll-Out Planning
  • Workflow Process Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Full Implementations
  • Internal Firm
  • Upgrades
  • Third Party Software projects

Worth Noting:

Since my first visit to Italy nearly 20 years ago, I have dreamed of moving to Italy and combining it with my love of photography. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe one day, that will be what I do!