Charles Cogan

Charlie Cogan (1)

Mr. Cogan brings a broad management background and diverse set of skills and experience related to the business operations of law firms.  For the six years before joining AAC, he served as Chief Operating Officer for Houston based law firm.  As COO, Charles was responsible for implementation and operation of the law firm’s financial systems, and their interaction with the organization’s other systems.  Before entering into law firm services, Charles worked as a financial analyst for an industrial real estate developer in Mexico and as an operations consultant at a music media startup, which was acquired by a larger media company.  Charles received an undergraduate degree in Spanish Literature from Southwestern University.  He has studied and worked in Latin America and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.  He earned an MBA at Rice University.








Ask Me About:

  • System Selection
  • Project planning
  • Development of business processes, policies & procedures
  • Training
  • Time entry tracking and process improvements
  • Disbursement entry tracking and process improvements


Contact Information

You can contact Charles Cogan at

Mobile: 713-582-4067